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Full-time Pastor (housing and stipend provided) retired likes fishing.

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Chapel By the Lake, Juneau:

Fully Installed Associate Pastor

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Alaska Presbytery

Alaska itself is beautiful, stunning, wild, and a constant reminder of God's creativity in creation, as glaciers and rivers are still carving the earth today. The places where God has planted the churches of Alaska Presbytery are no different. There are 6 churches in our presbytery, and 3 of them are beachfront locations, in 5 you can see the ocean, at 4 you can see a glacier, and in all 6 you will be welcomed as a partner in the largest mission field in America.

Only one church has more than 300 covenant partners, 4 have under 40 covenant partners. 5 have existed for over 100 years and one for under 5 years. Elders, Commissioned Lay Pastors, and a few Ordained Pastors lead the various churches as best we know how. Each story of how we each ended up here is different, but they all include the spectacular scenery, nature's bounty, welcoming communities, and a desire to follow God, even if he does call us to the ends of the earth.  

Our life together is different, because Alaska is different. Only 2 of our churches have a McDonald's in their town, or any national fast food restaurant. For our Presbytery Meetings, some take 737's to cover the 574 miles and some take Cessna's in order to make it. Two churches are on islands, one is on the mainland, but but you cannot drive there because the town is surrounded by an icefield. Only three of our churches are accessible by road. Our two closest churches are 17 miles apart by water or air, but to drive between Haines and Skagway, is 343 miles.

Presbytery/Mission Affinity Group Gathering: We are gathering in Juneau April 21-24, 2022 for our Spring Business Meeting, worship, and MAG Meeting.  Dr. Andrea Gurney will be joining us to talk about marriage and caring for congregations.  Contact Ryan Mandeville if you are planning on coming or have questions.

Pastor in Hoonah, Alaska:  Hoonah is currently seeking a part-time tent making pastor to serve the congregation.  If you love to fish for men and halibut, this might be the place for you.  Church Information form available HERE.

Mission Opportunities

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