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Study Leave/Working Vacation

Our pastor needs vacation/study leave himself. We are looking for a pastor or pastors who would like to come spend a few weeks in Skagway and preach and teach, so that our pastor can get out to study and relax. We would provide the manse to stay in and you would lead a bible study or two, preach on the Sundays you are here, and enjoy the area around Skagway in the meantime.

Skagway First Presbyterian

With over a million visitors each year, there is a good chance you have been to Skagway. Either to hike the historic Gold Rush Chilkoot Trail, ride the White Pass and Yukon Railroad, or stopped by on an Alaskan Cruise. Built in a narrow glacial valley, Skagway is only 4 blocks wide and 22 blocks long and the rest is wilderness making the ocean, mountains and forests all within walking distance. As the first established church in Skagway, during the 1897 gold-rush, we operate as the community church. We host the Senior Lunch Program, community events and concerts, funerals and weddings, and a VBS and Middle and High School program in the summer.

Church Planting Practice

While well established in the year round culture, we have a unique opportunity each summer, as the town grows from 800 to 2000 people, to give people the chance to be church planters. With many employers offering housing and plenty of work, thereis an opportunity to spend the summer as a missionary, living and working among others who are still exploring all that life has to offer. Work on a train, drive a bus over a pass, help on a boat, and while doing so, help create a culture in your workplace that Jesus would recognize as his caring, worshipping body. The commitment is for 5 months, during the cruise season when everyone is new, everyone is looking for a place to belong, and the good news of Jesus desperately needs to be heard.

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Help us Dream

When focused on surviving, keeping our buildings functioning during the Alaska winters, and taking care of immediate needs, the chance to dream and envision what God might do in a place where people from all over the world show up each day of the summer is neglected. We have land and materials to work with, but not enough energy to address the housing shortage, sober ways to spend free time, nor fresh ways to present the message of God's love. We would love to dream with you as to how we can use the facilities that we have in place for God's glory.